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La Manga del Mar Menor Go Karting in Spain

Located within a short distance to the entrance of La Manga Club is the fun filled thrilling sport Go karting. On the road heading towards Cabo de Palos you will discover the go karting facility of La Manga GoKart. At 30 -35 minutes drive from Roda Golf Resort, it is well worth the journey. Found close by to the Mar Menor gives you an opportunity to visit after visiting the lagoon. The karting facilities feature three different tracks using the best condition go karts. Drop by after venturing out in the surrounding area or solely come for an enduring race against friends or family.

La Manga del Mar Menor Quad Biking in Spain

Try this perfect way to view the widely unseen parts of Murcia by quad bike. A walk or hiking through the national park of Sierra Espuna is almost a completely different experience compared to on quad bike. You are able to access routes that would not normally be taken. With over 320 days of sunshine produced in the Murcia region, there could not be better weather to delve deep into the forests. The company Quad Espuna runs a guided tour company that consists of 4 road legal quad bikes, 3 of which are for customers use. The last quad bike is used solely for the tour guide. This fun gentle approach will certainly be an enjoyable experience for all to love.

La Manga del Mar Menor Bike Hire in Spain

If you are interested in bike hire along La Manga del Mar Menor then look no further. With delivery free of charge to your Roda Golf Resort accommodation everything has been made completely convenient. Border Bike Hire is a family run company providing services in Murcia, Spain. Providing flexible requests holidaymakers and tourists to the area can hire a bicycle to their own preferences. Roda Golf Resort presents a pathway around the fabulous resort for both cyclists and those who wish to walk.

La Manga del Mar Menor Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is available throughout La Manga del Mar Menor; close by to Roda Golf Resort. Professional experienced PADI dive instructors found in the area can provide you with expert scuba diving tuition via various PADI scuba courses provided. For anyone interested in diving whilst on holiday at Roda Golf Resort you will be welcomed to the underwater world by many companies including Scuba4all. Providing excellent tuition for novices and those who wish to further their scuba qualifications by carrying out one of many PADI courses that are recognised worldwide. The courses available are specially designed by PADI to allow children and adults the chance to learn and progress through the courses depending on your requirements.

Horse Riding at Murcia in Spain

Discover the adventurous and joyful chance to take to exploring the local region on horseback. Near to Roda Golf Course within the region of Murcia you are able to participate in horse riding; bringing fun to everyone. After a 30 minute drive from the resort making your way to the town of Los Belones, you will soon approach the horse riding stables at Rancho de la Fuenta. Horse riding is available for everyone in your group. Both the experienced and inexperienced will be suited up with horses from the 60 available here. Both children and adults are able to undertake trail rides across the local area to view some of the most stunning sights of natural beauty. For the smaller children, horses may be too large but not to worry as Rancho de la Fuenta provides usage of donkeys, Shetland ponies and Arabian horses that are all smaller than the typical sized horse. These make an ideal selection for the smaller children to ensure their confidence remains throughout.

Beaches near Roda Beach Club at the Mar Menor

The beaches of the Mar Menor lagoon near by to Roda Golf Resort are of outstanding beauty featured within Murcia. All beaches are host to the finest sand with crystal clear water to provide a beautiful setting. Due to the low depth of 7 metres, exciting sporting activities are most certainly found here in a vast majority. Take up the chance to participate in the plentiful aquatic sport facilities from scuba diving to water skiing. With over 320 days of sunshine per year the region is blessed by this fantastic weather that also guarantees an excellent holiday at Roda Golf Resort. Found below are a few examples of the recommended local beaches from across the Mar Menor lagoon.

Roda Beach Club at La Manga Mar Menor, Spain

The newly built and opened Roda Beach Club is completely exclusive to holiday guests and residents of the Roda Golf Resort. This beach club is certainly an outstanding place to visit if you are looking to head to the Mar Menor lagoon. With private facilities of pools, beach, bars and restaurants; you wont need to go anywhere else. Located on the select La Manga Strip at the edge of the lagoon, water sport activities are within easy reach.

Boat Trips near Roda Golf Resort in Murcia, Spain

Boat trips across the Mar Menor lagoon near to Roda Golf Resort are available from most marinas in the area. The more established and popular company dealing with both trips is Charter Muffy. Providing the public with a typical boat trip with a great duration of 5 hours where you will discover the most glorious sights from the heart of the Mar Menor. Both the islands along with many beautiful beaches will be visited along the boat trip, with the exclusive chance to either sit back and relax or bathe in the warm crystal clear waters. Take the stop off opportunity to snorkel and swim off the boat for a fantastic day out with the family.

Jet Ski near Roda Golf Resort in Murcia, Spain

Spanish laws restrict the hire and any use of a jet ski to valid licence holders only. These laws are very strict and must be abided to. Due to a licence being required to operate a jet ski, you will have to either show the correct valid documentation or undergo courses to hopefully pass and achieve a licence. All jet ski hire companies will deny the request to rent a jet ski unless a valid licence is provided. Fortunately for those who acquire the correct requirements are able to enjoy the flat waters of the lagoon after a brief introduction to the jet ski and capabilities.

Water Skiing near Roda Golf Resort in Murcia, Spain

Water skiing is a popular water sport for both adults and children to enjoy. The aquatic sport consists of being pulled across water typically a lake or sea by either a motor boat towing you or a cable system to pull you across the water. As always with any sporting activity safety is a fundamental key especially water sports. To make water skiing safe as possible the method of holding onto the rope allows the skier to let go at any time of problem. This allows you to safely separate from the rope pulling you along. The boat will then come straight back to you where any problems can be addressed.

Sailing near Roda Golf Resort in Murcia, Spain

The favourable and joyful pastime of both Spanish and tourists is to sail across La Manga del Mar Menor and on the Mediterranean Sea. Being the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe, it provides over 160 square kilometres of crystal clear water for all types of aquatic activities including the popular activity of sailing. With this wonderful scenic area being approximately 10 minutes from Roda Golf Resort, you are within easy reach of some of the best water sport activities found in Spain. Ideally for anyone with little to no previous experience you are able to hire a yacht with your own crew and captain on board.

Windsurfing near Roda Golf Resort in Murcia, Spain

To fulfil your magnificent holiday at Roda Golf Course, you can participate in various added sports than just golf. Those who desire something a little different can undergo expert tuition for the vast amount of water sports found at La Manga del Mar Menor. Windsurfing is just one example where all are welcome to participate. Professional companies are found throughout the area to provide the best lessons in complete safety. The sailing centre, Mar Menor Aquatic Resort provides both water sport tuition courses and equipment hire for individuals and groups.

Mar Menor Water Sports near Roda in Spain

Water sports make up the vast amount of activities found within the region of Murcia in Spain. Visit Europes largest lagoon to unearth the truly incredible amount of aquatic sporting facilities at La Manga del Mar Menor. With such a wide variety of water sports near Roda, any keen sportsman or woman will be in for a treat. The widespread range of water sports found across the coastline involve water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, jet skiing and boat trips to name a few. With tuition courses and lessons readily available it does not matter being a novice or expert. The professional instructors will guarantee safety with the skilled tuition.

Spa Centre near Roda Resort in Murcia, Spain

Nearby to the Roda Golf Resort are the relaxing and soothing facilities at the Aqualia Spa Centre. Found situated within Los Alcazares, you will be treated to a peaceful haven of both tranquillity and wellbeing. Unwind and recline on the lavish couches in the beautifully designed rooms as you indulge in the many revitalising services to leave you feeling rebalanced and completely restored.

Tennis at Roda Golf Resort in Murcia, Spain

For those who fancy alternating their golf with other sporting facilities will certainly make use of Roda Golf Resorts new sporting facilities. Located in front of the lake at the seventh hole on the outstanding golf course are these new sporting facilities. The active sport of tennis is found that is usually played between two players or teams. At Roda Golf Resort you are able to make use of both the tennis and paddle tennis facilities found by making a reservation to the clubhouse shop.

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